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Before buying a building, either for investment, owner occupation, or alternatively taking a lease, it is important to know what condition it is in. If there are defects / short life materials, you may be faced with unexpected expense or disruption to your business activities.

With respect to leasehold premises, there will usually be provision to charge the tenant a proportion of the cost of repairs and decoration etc of the common parts, external walls, roof and external areas; possibly to include other buildings on the estate. Accordingly it is wise to check these as well.

Solicitors will usually advise their clients that once they have bought a property there is 'no come back' on the vendor if inadequacies or defects are subsequently found.

Types of property

Typically Borron Shaw inspect and report on:

Types of property

Borron Shaw will conduct market appraisals throughout the North West of England.

Extent of Inspection and Report

Clients purchasing for different purposes will have varying requirements. Borron Shaw will tailor their service to suit.

For the Investor

Typically Borron Shaw would:-

Additionally Borron Shaw can